Monday, August 2, 2010

Please forgive me.

Miss me?

I know, I have not posted on here in weeks!

I suck.

My excuses:
1. We were in Illinois for 2 weeks, so I didn't really cook.
2. Evan's been TDY for 2 weeks and my girls have been eating like birds lately, so we've been eating a lot of fruit, veggie and cheese meals. Mediterranean style.

But, no worries. I have some recipes that I'm making that I will be posting very soon. And I'll be chatting at you about my potted garden and the lovely vegetables I have growing there.

So don't forsake me! I still love you!

And I still love cooking and baking!

Now, I'm off to start a little baking that I'll totally share with you this week. Mmmm.

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