Monday, August 9, 2010

A hobby

One of Evan's fabulous uncles sent me this:
It's a 1937 The Household Searchlight Recipe Book. The Household Magazine was quite popular back then. Think Real Simple (which I love and get monthly, thank you very much!). Here's a cover of the magazine from the same year:
I love it. Anyway, I have been reading the cookbook and just absolutely adoring the whole thing. Not only are some of the recipes just so far out there (rhubarb juice?! lots of recipes with sardines!) but a lot of them sound delicious. And you know I'm totally going to make some of them!

After making Evan listen to some of the weirder recipes, I told him I would like to start collecting more old recipe books. I have a couple of cake recipe books from the 1950s from my Grandma Sandy and I love those things too.

I wonder when cooking became more of hobby for me instead of just a daily chore. I mean, I've never really thought of it as a chore (except when pregnant with Julia and just being anywhere near the kitchen made me gag). And I've been collecting recipes to try since high school. So, maybe it's been an emerging hobby for years? Anyway, however long it's been, I just love it. It's never old. I can continue learning more and more for years and never be done.

Enough's time to show you my potted garden!

My beef steak tomatoes are growing! I only have the one plant, so they are mainly being used for salads. But, I have about 3 that should ripen at the same time, so I may need to make some bruschetta with it!
My banana peppers! I plan on using them for sandwiches, but they are growing like crazy and it's just this one plant. I may need to look into what else I can do with them.
And my strawberries. How cute are they? They are the wild kind, so they don't get big, but they are so tartly sweet when they ripen. I love them.
Now that we're back on a school schedule, be prepared for more postings on here. :)

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