Thursday, April 29, 2010

Produce, anyone?

(I feel that the above picture is EXACTLY how I have been feeling about cleaning up after dinner lately. Not lately, always. I hate clean up. Plus, her hair is way cute.)

While planting some seeds the other day, (lettuce and strawberry, if you are interested!!!) and thinking about what other produce and herbs I would like to plant soonish as this weather finally gives itself over to spring, I remembered that farmer's markets will soon be open for business.

I love farmer's markets. I started frequenting the one in DeKalb while Evan was in law school and I stumbled upon not only fantastic prices for fresh produce, but some new produce that either I'd never seen or hadn't thought to purchase before. I've also found produce in colors I didn't know they came in, and that is always a fun find! (For example, did you know that cauliflower can be yellow and purple?) I also really like the idea of supporting local farmers. They are so friendly and love answering questions about their crops.

So, as I start reaping the benefits of my own garden soon and that of other people's, I want to know...

What is your favorite fresh produce? And how do you cook it/eat it? I'm on the hunt for new ways of cooking veggies and I'd love some that come from your houses!!!!


  1. my new thing is artichokes...actually not yet, but my goal is to something with them this weekend....

  2. I love love love artichoke!!! We steam ours and then dip the leaves in a garlic butter mixture. Yum! I also love love love artichoke hearts! Especially in pasta!