Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coconut Joys

When Elisabeth asked to buy a coconut at the store, I hesitated for a split second, because coconuts can be pricey. When I saw they were only $1.49, I said sure.

Then we brought it home and Evan asked what we would be doing with the coconut and I shrugged. I had never dealt with a real coconut before. So, I went to my friend Google, learned how to open the darn thing, and then listened to my mother-in-law as she told me to make her Coconut Joys that she usually makes at Christmas time.

You gotta listen to your mother-in-law when she's in your home and knows a thing or two about cooking. And baking.

As soon as she mentioned the Coconut Joys, I remembered the deliciousness that is this splendid little cookie. Then, I looked at the ingredients and knew I would be making these often; they are quite, quite simple.


1/2 C. butter, melted; 2 C. confectioners sugar; 3 C. flaked coconut; 1 Tbsp. milk; 1/2 C. semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Now, here is where I tell you that the shredded coconut you are about to see was not grated by me. Evan and his mom took turns grating it. I was on the couch with a massive headache and reading a book. So, obviously, I did all the hard work. ;)

Okay, take your coconut...

add the powdered sugar...

and the milk. Except, instead of milk, I used the coconut water from the actual coconut. Because I had it and I could.

Add the melted butter and then mix them all together until they make a nice gloppy, coconutty mixture.

Take a tablespoon of the "cookie dough" (cause, I guess it's cookie dough...) and roll it into a ball.

Press your finger ever so gently into the ball of coconut joy.

And leave a little dent.

Do this to all of them.

Then, take the chocolate chip cookies...

and throw them in a small sauce pan and start melting them. (My mother-in-law told me she just throws them in a bowl and melts them in the microwave. After a chocolate catastrophe involving melting chocolate chips in a microwave, I have vowed to always use the stove.)

Melted!! I love melted chocolate.

Then, spoon some chocolate into the dents you made in the cookies.

And, VIOLA!, you are done. Now, all you have to do is place them in the refrigerator to chill.

Jana noticed that with me using the coconut water, they were a bit sweeter than when she makes them with the milk, but it was a good sweeter! Also, you will need to store these deliciously delicious cookies in the refrigerator (you know, if you haven't eaten them all up!).


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