Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crust-less Pumpkin Pie

Just like her mommy, Elisabeth prefers a pie to a cake on her birthday. She is a very smart girl, I tell you!
Her favorite pie is pumpkin, but Elisabeth hates crust. She is very polite about her hatred, she'd never say no to a pie, but she won't let any crust touch her lips. So, this year for her birthday, I made her a crust-less pumpkin pie.

It was fantastically easy and would be a great dessert for anyone who dislikes crust or if you don't want to make or don't have a pie crust handy.

The ingredients:
1 1/4 C. sugar; 3 Tbsp. flour; 3 eggs; 1 can pure pumpkin; 3/4 C. evaporated milk; 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla; 1/4 tsp. cinnamon. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Do you see what happened when I went to take this egg out of the carton?! I put a hole in it!
I was very irritated and did what any normal person would do--when the time came to add the eggs, I took all the other eggs out of the carton, took the top of the eggshell off and dumped the egg into the mixture.

What did you say?

Normal people don't do that? Only super weirdos would be worried about wasting one little egg?

Oh. Hm. I kind of feel like you're mocking me.

Well, anyway, back to the recipe...

Take the sugar,
and the flour and mix them together in your mixing bowl.
Add the three eggs
and stir until well blended.
Dump in the pumpkin,
the evaporated milk,
the vanilla,
and the cinnamon.
Mix until everything is blended together.
Pour into a greased pie pan.
Now, here's an important step: You need to find either a baking sheet with raised sides or a baking dish that is 10x15 and place the pie dish in it. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the baking sheet until it is 1/2 an inch deep (or to the top of your pinkie nail, which is how I measured it). Bake for 50-55 minutes or until a knife inserted into the pie comes out clean.
Elisabeth was the most excited newly turned 8 year old in the world to have a crust-less pie. She found it delicious. I did too. I, personally, love the way the crust adds flavor and depth to pumpkin pies, but I found this crust-less version very good. Evan, however, didn't like it very much. He has a hard time with change and doesn't like people messing with his pumpkin pie. I will definitely be making this for Elisabeth's birthdays from now on, though. It was simple and very yummy!


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