Tuesday, March 15, 2011



It's that time again.

Time for me to tell you about a produce item that might seem intimidating and peer pressure you to purchase it on your next grocery run.

I'm so bossy.

But, I am the first born. It's my birthright to be bossy.

I'd like you to meet Mango.
Elisabeth asks me to buy mango all the time. I have a couple of times and then forgotten to actually cut them up to eat them and then they go rotten. It's tragic. This time, I made sure to eat this mango pronto.

Mango are a beautiful fruit, but I knew nothing about them. So, I googled "how to eat a mango" (cause I'm cool like that) and learned a couple of new things.

1. Mango should not be rock hard when you purchase them nor should they be too squishy.
2. Mango have a pit in the middle of them much like a pineapple. You can't just cut them down the middle like an apple.
3. Mango are yummy (or so google told me).

So, first, take that mango and cut it almost down the middle. You'll end up with 3 pieces, two sides and the middle that's the core or pit. You'll know if you hit the pit because your knife will protest cutting it.
Take one side and make cuts through like a checkerboard, making sure not to go through the mango skin.
Then, push the mango up from the bottom skin part. It'll look like this:
Trim off the chunks you have made with your checkerboard pattern and serve.
Holy crap, mango is delicious. Google was so right. Both Elisabeth and Julia ate them like candy (which they are...they're the candy of nature...sorry, I'm a dork). They are sweet, but not as sweet as pineapple. I really enjoyed the taste and now wonder why I hadn't tried fresh mango sooner. I've eaten dried mango and drank mango smoothies, but have never just bought a fresh mango. Well, that will be changing and at 2 for a $1.00 at the stores, I shall be purchasing more while they are in season.


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  1. Love mango. Though I cut it differently. I cut one side as close to the pit as possible. Then continue working around getting as much flesh as I can. hmmm, this is tricky without pictures!

    But the main variation is that instead of doing the checkerboard method, I cut into long slices with skin on, and then slide my knife b/w flesh and skin (kinda like skinning fish). I find I get less waste this way.

    Now, if only I could improve my mango selection process... so often I wind up with one that isn't ripe. :(